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Don Beezley lives in Broomfield, CO, grew up in Boulder County, and has lived in all four counties that are part of House District 33-Adams, Boulder, Broomfield, and Weld—and owned businesses in all four of them as well.  His wonderful wife, Pat, is a multi-generation Colorado native—in fact, Don and Pat were born in the same hospital, growing up only a few miles apart before they met after college.  Don graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in finance and completed graduate work at Regis University.  Don and Pat have two boys, Connor and Alexander, ages 6 and 2.

Growing up, Don had the opportunity to see hard work and entrepreneurial effort up close with his parents’ construction company.  Some of his fondest memories are working with his father in the business as he grew up.  His father sold the business in 1993, but Don had the wonderful and unique opportunity a few years ago when he represented that company as an intermediary when it sold to the third generation of ownership.

Don is president of Tager Enterprises, Inc, and has started or acquired eight different businesses.  As part of Tager’s operations, he currently runs a franchise development business, HealthSource Regional Development, LLC, for which he has been recognized as Regional Developer of the Year and Top Support Regional Developer-both national excellence awards.  As a part of HealthSource he advises over 20 medical practices across three states.  As part of a focused work life his company also affiliates with ProForma West Mergers & Acquisitions, helping business owners value their businesses, develop exit plans and then sell their companies.  He is also a guest writer for the Independence Institute in Golden, Colorado.

Don is active with the Boy Scouts of America as a Cub Scout Den Leader.  He also serves on the Advisory Board of the Leadership Program of the Rockies which is committed to bringing together emerging leaders from the legal, economic, business, university, and political, nonprofit and civic professions to learn how visionary, principle-centered leadership can positively impact their community.   Don is also on the boards of the Tabor Foundation and the Tabor Committee, both dedicated to preserving a fiscally responsible government in Colorado that respects its hard working taxpayers.

Don Beezley is a passionate advocate for liberty, opportunity and prosperity because he believes in people.  He understands that it is no accident that the United States of America has been a stunning success.  After thousands of years of struggle through oppression and tyranny, humanity had that one perfect moment in July of 1776 when we got it right.  When a nation was founded on rational, moral principles; principles consistent with nature, that allowed human beings to pursue their own ends according to their own independent judgment.   To live their lives for themselves and their families.  Not simply exist as vassals of a king—or elitist politicians.

When people are free—when their life, liberty and property are protected by government rather than exploited and controlled by it—they do amazing things. 

Don wants to protect that freedom and the prosperous future it offers, for his family and yours.

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